Updated October 27, 2020


COVID-19 meeting & events information
Download the information sheet about the COVID-19 measures regarding meeting & events at ECC Leiden & Holiday Inn Leiden here.

Hotel room cancellations
Click here for the frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding your recent cancellation.

Face mask
We kindly request you to wear a face mask throughout the hotel.

Measures during your conference / meeting

  • We also follow the guidelines and recommendations of the government for the meetings and gatherings in our hotel. For example, we ask our meeting guests to wear a mouth mask in all public areas of the hotel starting from 30 September until they have taken a seat in the meeting room.
  • All rooms are equipped with new settups, taking into account the guideline of 1.5 meters distance between the participants.
  • In every room there is a service point where coffee / tea / water / soft drinks are available, as well as small snacks such as mints and biscuits.
  • All our meeting packages are adapted in content to the possibilities that we can and may provide at the time of the meeting.
  • Meeting guests are served lunch in the room, requiring as little contact with the guests as possible. Guests are requested to have lunch in the meeting room itself and the hall is not changed in between.
  • All set-ups take into account the standard facilities in the room and one coffee / tea service point at the back of the room. Staff has no contact with the conference tables.
  • Coffee and tea are replenished at fixed times during the day.
  • Lunch is placed on the service tables at the agreed time, including snack / soup.
  • An additional disinfection station is available for our meeting guests. There is also a hand sanitizer available in every meeting room.
  • The number of people that may be admitted in a meeting room depends on the most recent guidelines of the RIVM. Are you unsure whether your meeting can take place? Please contact us!