CSR / Green Key

Green Key Certificate 

Holiday Inn Leiden puts effort into a better environment and a better society. These efforts have been awarded with a Green Key Gold Certification since 2012. The Green Key shows that a company Cooperates Social Responsible, this is already an important topic for several years.

The Green Key is the quality mark in the hotel industry and conference locations. The Green Key quality mark guarantees voluntarily input of the entrepreneur to invest more in the environment. Entrepreneurs must take measures with regard to environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility for the Green Key certification.

The adjustments of this label within Holiday Inn Leiden:

• The linen is changed during a longer stay, basically every three days
• Guests can choose whether they want to have the towels changed daily or use the towels several times
• The garbage is carefully separated. Glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, food, fats, chemical waste, construction and demolition waste are separated
• There are water saving measures. The rooms are equipped with water saving showerheads and thermostats. The sink faucets feature a flow restrictor.
• There is an increase in green energy. The energy is accurately tracked and analyzed in order to achieve further energy savings.
• The lighting is as much as possible from bulbs or LED lights, timers and light sensors. Electricity in the hotel room is activated with the key.
• Information we provide is mostly digitally, this saves a lot of print.
• At the end of all our outgoing e-mails is a message that states if it is necessary to print the mail. In this way we try to make people aware to reduce printing.
• For printing we use only FSC certified paper.

Our guests and Green Key

Guests at Holiday Inn Leiden you will find that the quality and service will remain unchanged. The environmentally friendly way of doing business increases the quality of your stay.

Also as a guest, you can contribute your ideas, a better environment begins with us finally together. Together with you we go for Green!

More information about the Green Key can be found at www.green-key.org