Hybrid Meetings

Meet at Holiday Inn Leiden & ECC Leiden both physically and digitally with Hybrid Meetings! Are there many participants who prefer to log in from home or do you need two locations due to the size of the event? Then a Hybrid Meeting might be something for you. We are happy to inform you.

There are many options for hybrid meetings at Holiday Inn Leiden! We offer various tailor-made concepts in collaboration with Nightforce Noordwijk. For example, the meeting can be streamed to an online environment where participants can follow the meeting from home or at the office by means of a unique link. All you need is a laptop, computer, telephone or tablet. Of course it is also possible to make the streaming of the meetings more interactive. This can be done, for example, by means of a live chat box where the participants can directly ask questions or post comments at home. There are also technical options for social media links or, for example, a poll.

With hybrid meetings it's possible to organize safe and secure meetings even in these times''

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Holiday Inn Leiden has a total of 14 meeting rooms available, which means there are plenty of options for hybrid meetings of any size. It is of course possible to install a hybrid meeting concept of your choice in every room. With hybrid meetings it is possible to organize safe and responsible meetings even in these times! In collaboration with our ECC Leiden (affiliated with Holiday Inn Leiden) we offer another plenary room of over 1775m² with more than enough space for 400 people, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. Thanks to our spacious entrance and corridors, keeping your distance is no problem at all.

Contact us for the possibilities via banquetsales@hileiden.com or give us a call at (+31) (0)71 5355 445.