TripKey public transport card

Experience the Netherlands your way.

TripKey is a shared, ready-to-use travel smart-card that provides seamless access to all public transport in The Netherlands: train, metro, bus, tram and even OV-bike. It is the only pay-as-you-go public transport card with nationwide coverage, conveniently linked to your credit-card. TripKey offers a hassle-free experience:

• Certified Nationwide access: reach every destination in the Netherlands by public transport
• Ready-to-use: register on-line, collect your TripKey at one of the pick-up locations, and start travelling.
• Best price: a one-time € 3,50 registration fee and the regular public transport costs.

Are you visiting the Netherlands for business purposes?
From the airport to your hotel, from the train station to the convention center, from your meeting to the restaurant, with TripKey you can travel on all public transport throughout the Netherlands. TripKey takes the hassle away so that you can jump from train to tram to bus, or metro without wasting any time queuing for tickets.

Are you visiting the Netherlands for pleasure?
With TripKey in your pocket, you are free to explore the country’s highlights whenever you choose to do it. Experience the Netherlands entirely your way.

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